May 28, 2010

Go Dad!

This is a huge weekend for my family.  My dad wrote this amazing book The God Whisperer.  On Tuesday it will be for sale on Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites but the sites are now showing it!  Click the link for Barnes and Noble.  It is so exciting to see his name in print, it inspires me to keep working at writing and becoming better.  I am so proud of him and all he has managed to accomplish.  He also has a great blog where he has a weekly post with a great Christian lesson. Check his stuff out!  Grab the book for a great Christian devotional read that teaches you not only about being a better servant to the Lord but also some great dog tips!


  1. How exciting! You must be very proud.

    Will check out your dad's blog too.

  2. Do congratulate your dad on my behalf... you guys must be so excited and proud :) I would go check out his blog too...

  3. Oh my goodness! WOW! Congratulations!



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