May 18, 2010

A little road trip with a lotta love!

We took the best little road trip today out to the Sequoia National Forest.  It was a great drive along the Kern River and we ended up finding the perfect camp out spot for this summers vacation.  Andy was so happy to take us out Jeeping.  He loves sharing his hobby with us.

It reminded my of a podcast my friend Candice is listening to by Gary Chapman about love languages.  I think we spoke his love language today by going out for a road trip and spending the day with him.  His love languages are physical touch and quality time.  It is so great knowing this because it helps me show him better how I love him.  My love language on the other hand is words of affirmation.  I am easily pleased with "I love you" and other great compliments.  This he does for me abundantly.  

Here are the 5 love languages
1.  Words of Affirmation
2.  Quality Time
3.  Receiving Gifts
4.  Acts of Service
5.  Physical Touch

What is your love language?


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