May 17, 2010

Mommy and Me- Story Time

I am so sad to be missing a Mommy and Me Monday Activity today, but I have to go to work.  I work 12 hours shifts so there is no time even afterward to get any fun in with the kids.  But I am constantly being asked by newer mom's who are just getting to toddler-hood about great story times in town.

Wednesday is our favorite story time day.  Russo's bookstore offers a great toddler story time at 10am every Wednesday with Miss Linn.  This great 30 minute activity not only includes a story, but also musical instruments and songs.  Miss Linn has a most gentile way of getting the kids to behave and yet gets the kids so excited about activities. After only a few weeks of going Emily (who was just 2 at the time) learned a lot of new songs and was more excited about books and reading.  Will now at only 10 months loves story time.  He too loves the songs and the interaction with other kids.  After you can get books for 10% off and the kids get suckers (Emily's favorite part).

So if your looking for a story time in town, check out Russo's Books.  But you can also check out this link for a list of more.

1 comment:

  1. I think it's great to connect reading with other fun activities...makes it more exciting!



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