May 3, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday

For today's Mommy and Me outing we visited the Kern County Museum.  I had known this place as a museum for historic buildings and homes, but had never known it as a great place for kids.  The main museum offers a great chance to teach your kids history.  The homes and buildings are set up to view them as they were lived in.  We saw how simple life was.  Our favorite buildings included the school, the church and the hospital.  The most recent edition, The Lopez house, was also interesting to see because I remember when it was moved to the museum.  The kids enjoyed running around looking at all the homes.  The biggest problem for us mommy's though is it is not stroller friendly.  So if you have your young little ones be prepared to carry them around for this part of the experience.

The Lori Brock Children's Discovery Center is a great part of the museum for the kids.  The current exhibit Kid City was a hit with our toddlers and preschoolers.  They got to pretend to be adults for a while in their own Kern County city.  They played ambulance driver, firefighter, dentist, doctor, and even news caster!  They went to the bank and the grocery store, and put on their own theater production. 

The driver and the patient!

Our little news casters on air!

 Emily was the battalion chief for (thank goodness) the Kern County Fire Department!

 Police officer Nico to the rescue!

Another exhibit they have is the Louis and Clark expedition.  It was not really interesting to the kids and seemed more like a big empty room.  There are stuffed large animal in here that could be scary for the toddler age.  They also have a coloring room which we did not visit.  Overall we had a great time and the kids loved it!  Our kids learned a little history and had lots of fun playtime as well. 

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