June 17, 2010

First Bithday Dilemma's

Will's first birthday is fast approaching and as the day gets closer I am thinking about all the new changes to come and what I will decide to do with all of them.  At 1 it's time to get him off the formula and onto some milk.  Here would be dilemma # 1.  The new American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations on milk after the age of 1 is to go straight to 2% milk instead of whole.  This is fairly newer thinking and hard for me to wrap my brain around.  As I was taught in nursing school, the brain is developing rapidly for the first two years and it requires that higher fat for good development.  I just can't imagine taking that away.

We are also fast approaching his 1 year check up which also means it's close to time for some immunizations.  Dilemma # 2:  Again my thinking differs from the AAP guidelines but not for the reason you might expect.  I am not a believer that vaccines cause Autism.  I have kept him on schedule so far due to my work environment and high rate of exposure.  I have given all of Emily's vaccines on time without altering the schedule.  For some reason though, this time around I am more cautious.  I feel like spacing them out a little would be so much better for him and him immune system.

The closer he is to his first birthday the less he wants to take two naps.  Dilemma # 3:  I LOVE that he likes to sleep so much.  I know that may sound terrible outside of my head, but Little Miss stopped taking naps around her 2nd birthday.  That's right, she was 2.  I'm owed a little extra sleep time right!  So I am hoping I can prolong the second nap a little longer. 

Oh why can't they just stay babies forever?  My little guy is going to be a toddler- a walking, talking, climbing, mess making toddler.  MAKE IT STOP!


  1. Oh my gosh Carrie, I feel like we live same lives sometimes! Gianna quit naps around 2 also, but Juliet is my lil sleeper. She dropped her 2nd nap around her 2nd birthday, but still looooves her nap during the day. Sometimes she even asks me for a nap. SOO not like her big sister!

    I also somewhat delayed Juliet's shots a bit even though Gianna's were always right on time.

    Us Mamas do what is best and I am sure whatever changes come your way, you will be so ready for them. You a wonderful Mom my friend!! xoxo

  2. We spaced out the kids shots, and they are doing just fine. Never had any problem, so if you feel the need to space out the shots, then I say do it!



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