June 12, 2010

Fun Responsibility for E

I thought about starting to teach my toddler more about responsibility, okay I guess I need to come to terms with the fact that E is almost a preschooler (almost 3! Yikes!).  It's time for her to learn a little about being responsible for her things.  So my first lesson in responsibility was cleaning up her toys.  She started doing this at about 2.  Every night we play clean-up and she has to put all her toys in their respective boxes and baskets.  She has done this well for a while and we needed to move on to bigger things. 

So this week I decided taking care of something would be great in teaching her about responsibility.  Something small, not something she could kill really, but something fun.  No, not a puppy, some plants!  So we went out and bought some seeds, pots, dirt, and a very cute watering can.  And then we planted.  Now everyday it is her job to water her seeds so they can grow, and in time she will see the reward of her hard work- flowers.

Is it too early to instill some responsibility in our 2 and 3 year old kids?  I think not.  Raising responsible kids starts now.  They can handle small chores and tasks and if we make it fun they will want to.  E loves to clean up her toys now as she sings and dances to her version of the clean-up song because she thinks it is fun. She is loving her watering job because she gets to use her cute watering can.  So even at such a young age we can start teaching them responsibility without taking away from the fun of childhood.  Let's just put some fun into the responsibility.

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  1. I like that. My Princess loves to help clean up and cook. She is a great helper. We bought her strawberry plants this summer. I will have to post pictures of them and her watering them too :)
    Thanks for posting. Toddler discipline is difficult. But important, I know. Blessings!



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