June 12, 2010

Losing my mind

I go out walking on a fairly regular basis with my friend Lindsay and her little guy Riley, a 7 month old little angel.  We walk about 4 miles along the bike trail in the evenings when its not too hot, me with my double jogging stroller and two cranky fighting, and screaming kids; and Lindsay with her quiet little angel who sits patiently with his pacifier in his mouth playing with his toys.  It's seem a bit ridiculous sometimes at how my kids act on walks.  They are not normally screaming and obnoxious but when I want to work out, whether it's at home on my elliptical, out for a jog or on our evening walks, they want to be the worlds worst behaved children.  So sometimes I ask myself, is trying to improve my post baby bod worth my sanity?!

Oh I know the answer to that question is yes.  But I do question it occasionally.  I love to work out and be active.  I am proud of what I have accomplished in the short amount of time since my little Mister has been born.  I have lost 2 pant sizes, finished a half marathon, and found a renewed love for fitness.  I do think though, that I have another reason why maybe a gym membership is a good idea- gym daycare. 

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  1. Yeah, I tried that...the gym and the gym daycare but it didn't work out for me. Javier and I paid a 2 year membership to a a nice gym in town ($70 for the added gym daycare) and hardley ever went. Everytime I took Nico he would end up with a cold or a virus a few days later. It wasn't worth it to me to have the kids get sick for an hour of workout time.

    Why don't we try to let the kiddos have a playdate so that we can have time to exercise? I can watch the kids here or at our house while you exercise and vice versa. I have the treadmill and an elliptical. Just an idea... The walks with other mommies are enjoyable and fun though as long as the kiddos are content. :)



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