June 28, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday- We All Scream for Ice Cream!

It's getting to be really hot around here.  Too hot for the park, too hot for our usual evening walks with friends, too hot for much outdoor fun.  There is nothing better to cure the heat blues than some Ice Cream!

So this week we took a trip to the ice cream shop!  Dewar's Ice Cream and Taffy's are famous here in Bakersfield.  This little shop has some of the best ice cream I have ever had.  The taffy's are also amazing.  So we decided to pack up the kids and take them out for a special treat, perfect in the hot weather.

Dewar's is a perfect trip for kids, that's obvious.  But the special part about Dewar's for your kids is the tours!  So this takes a little planning ahead of time, but I promise it will be worth it!  Sadly, tours are not available Monday's so instead of a Mommy and Me Monday it will have to be Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.  The tours are at the Downtown location, and you will get to see first hand the making of taffy and ice cream!  What a perfect mix of educational and delicious! 


  1. That looks gooood. We may have to follow in your foot steps and get our butts out for ice cream, too.

  2. This looks like a perfect place to visit in all this hot weather.



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