June 29, 2010

Feeling Smart and Playdates in the Hospital

I am feeling like a bit of a genius today so I had to share.  I am at work today (I'm a pediatric nurse) and I work in a teaching hospital.  That means we have medical students, residents, etc.  Today is a bit slow in our unit so I did rounds with the doctors, just to maybe learn a few things. As we went from room to room the attending pediatrician was quizzing them on, what I thought, was basic pediatric medicine.  The medical students that were being quizzed just stood there, jaws on the floor, blank stares, clueless. 

I silently giggled to myself, knowing all the answers.  Well, medical students really aren't all that knowledgeable yet, but a lot of it was common (medical) sense.  So I helped, when our pediatrician wasn't looking I fed them all the answers, and boy, did that make me feel smart!

The other great thing I managed today at work was to arrange a play date for two girls on the floor.  They were bored and tired of the hospital- needing to socialize.  Thankfully they were about the same age and did not have spreadable diseases so they were able to play together in the playroom.  I had to encourage interactive play so they would socialize.  They played Chutes and Ladders and Checkers.  They had fun and ended up playing all afternoon together until one was discharged home.  That little girl was one of the sweetest patients I have ever taken care of and on her way out of the unit she turned around in her little wheel chair and smiled at me and said "I'm going to miss you".  That is why I love my job.


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