June 21, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday

This Monday we were not able to get out because we had some little guests, Nico and Alyssa were for the day.  So since we had a houseful of kids, I thought we would do a Mommy and Me Monday activity here at home again.

I thought we would do a craft from the Disney's Family Fun Craft Finder App for the iPhone.  If you have never seen this app before, it is so fun.  It's one of the best free apps I have found. 

Craft ideas are as simple as choosing your child's age range, the time you want to spend on it, and the time of year or a holiday that's coming.  Today we did a Preschool activity in 30 minutes for the 4th of July, which is coming faster than we think! 

We chose to do fold and snip stars which also helped Em learn scissors.  It is a pretty simple craft but will make our house look so festive!  I am so excited to use more crafts as time goes on!   Em had such a great time making the stars which we hung from the ceiling in the playroom.  During the craft there is great opportunity to talk about shapes, counting and colors.

Here is the craft.  It is easier with the pictures.  But I will try to explain:
1.  Fold the paper in half from top to bottom.
2.  Fold it again from top to bottom and undo that fold.
3.  Take the top right corner to the left side of the crease just made.
4.  Fold the top left corner over the last fold.
5.  Fold it so the left and right side come together making a point.
6.  Cut a sharp angle making a triangle, which will unfold into a star.

I have to admit, this took me a few tries to master it.  Fortunately I tried it out before doing it with Em.  She had fun learning to cut and then got to decorate the starts after.  Even Will helped color! 

What did you get to do with your kids today?


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