June 10, 2010

Rocking the denim... diaper?!

When I first saw these diapers, I thought it was a bit silly.  But as the weather has quickly hit the high 90's here, I thought they were genius.  The look of shorts without the extra clothing.  I think Will can definitely rock the denim. Huggies new Limited Edition denim diapers are now available.  They are just like the little mover diapers, but blue jean-ed out, all they way down to the straps.  They are great for summer when just a diaper is all you need. 

Will you grab some denim for your little diapered one?  Or do you think they are ridiculous?


  1. Just saw the commercial for these - so adorable!! Wish they had them when Da Boy (he's 4) was in diapers!


  2. I thought they were silly, but he looks so cute!

  3. I saw these. I think they are cute. I want to get some for my daughter. They look so cute.

  4. Those are too stinkin' cute!!

  5. They are cute, but my little girl has a tendency to put her hand in her dipe...after she poops. Uncovered dipes are a no-no around here:-)

    Following you from Friday Follow Me.

  6. I was trying to find these but couldn't find them anywhere!

    Following you from Friday Follow!! :) Hopefully you can stop by my blog and do the same! Have a fantastic weekend!


  7. LOL...my mom loves this commercial. She stops whatever she is doing to watch it. Hope you are having a happy FF!

  8. Hi There.
    I'm looking for your Friday-Follow post.
    Have a great day!



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