June 9, 2010

A Time Out- For Mom

I have always been against day care.  I am not really a fan of having random people watch my kids.  I like to know and trust them before I leave my precious little beings in their care.  That is the reason Andy and I work the schedules we do so we can always be there to care for our kids.  There are days though when that gets to be hard.  Today was just one of those days.  Andy is at work and I had a doctors appointment.  I hate, no, I loath taking the kids to doctors appointments with me.  They are impatient and destructive, requiring more attention than normal.  So today I thought I would spare myself the grief and frustration and take them somewhere to be watched.  GASP- daycare.

Yep, I handed them over, and surprisingly guilt free.  Here in town we have an hourly day care facility, A Good Time Out.  It's a great facility, providing different play areas for the kids, some structured activities, and a nap area.  They also have an infant center for the little ones under 2.  I think it is a great alternative to babysitters if you don't have anyone.  The staff is really nice and helpful.  They provide lunch and snacks even.  Emily is my reluctant one, never wanting to go anywhere without someone she knows and after less than a minute of crying she was off playing with other kids.  She had a great time and still is talking about her new friend Betty.  She didn't even want to leave when I went to pick her up.

It was so nice to be out of the house alone for a while.  I felt good enough about having them there, I took advantage of the time, came home and cleaned the house for an hour so it could be done without them messing it up after me.  I think I may do that more often.  Mom's deserve a break every now and then.


  1. I am with you. We never have left our 2 year old with anyone but grandma and grandpa. I don't know what I will do when she is older or if they are not around. It is scary these days. You just never know people.

    Blessings to you!


  2. I 100% agree with you. I did the daycare thing with my 1st & have such guilt about it to this day (he is 9).

    I love this idea of an hourly day care!! Every community should have one for us SAHMs. Very cool.

  3. I agree - every community SHOULD have an hourly day care! Good for you!



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