June 30, 2010

Way Back Wednesday- The Honeymoon

I am again this Wednesday joining the girls at The Adventures of Goober Grape and Monkey Man, The Life of a Sippy Cup Mom and Our Life With Jake for another edition of Wayback Wednesday. This week's theme: honeymoon memories.

We thought long and hard about where we wanted to go for our Honeymoon.  We wanted something tropical, peaceful, and relaxing.  Somewhere we could snorkel, explore and see things we had never seen before.  In the end we decided to have our Honeymoon in Hawaii, 11 blissful days of sun, sea and relaxation.  We started out in Oahu.  The first 4 days were spent in this big fun city, going out to nice dinners, fighting for space on the crowded beach, and shopping in the outdoor market.  We had a great room with an amazing view.  We also got to go to the Pearl Harbor tour and learn about important facts about our great country.  We had an amazing time in Oahu. 

After those busy 4 days we were ready for some peace and quiet.  So we headed off to Kauai for 7 more days of relaxation.  Here we found it was a much slower pace, we slept in, tanned by the pool, read a couple good books (I know we are weird for reading on our honeymoon right?), snorkeled, and went for some great drives (Andy HAD to rent a Jeep). 

The first day we arrived in Kauai we got the Jeep and he just had to go off-roading.  So he pulled off the windows and we went out.  Now, the thing about Kauai is- it's covered in this fine RED dirt.  We didn't know that.  He was having fun, I was not.  By the end of his little adventure our brand new luggage (which was still in the car) was covered in this RED dirt, as was I, my white pants, cute white hat, and everything else.  I have never let him live that down.

He did however make it up to me by taking me on this great little sunset dinner cruise at the end of our trip.  I was so excited to get out on a boat and see some dolphins and sea turtles.  He planned it all secretly and took me there as a surprise.  It was so romantic and sweet and would have been perfect if he thought to also buy some Dramamine ahead of time.  I spent only a small amount of time enjoying the scenery before the sea sickness took over. 

So it may not have been the most perfect trip but it was the best for us.  We were so happy to be married and so happy to be away together.  We spent our time talking and dreaming about the future, reminiscing about the wedding and our past, and enjoying the present. 


  1. I LOVE the picture of you guys at sunset! SO pretty!!

  2. I'm sorry about the sea sickness (and the dirt) but seems like an otherwise fabulous trip! We did Oahu too and loved it

  3. What a bummer to get sea sick! The dirt story is so funny, that is so something my husband would do LOL. Great pictures you guys are too cute.



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