July 24, 2010


I have been a bit absent on the blog this week, having had a busy and draining week.  I am so excited about today though I thought I would give you a preview of our day!

Today is Thanksgiving!  This is our 2nd annual Thanksgiving in July!  I know sounds a little nutty right?!  Well, it is all the Thanksgiving fixings- Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, pie etc. but we are enjoying it with our friends!  The holiday season is always such a busy time, and we love to celebrate with our friends- as we are SO thankful to have our friends.  So last year we thought of having a Thanksgiving dinner for our friends (the turkey craving helped the idea along).  It was so much fun.  So we just had to continue the tradition and it has become our best dinner party all year long. 

So I am up this morning making pumpkin and apple pie, waiting for Andy to come home from work so he can start the turkey.  And we are going to spend the day with some amazing friends, who we love like family.

1 comment:

  1. What a. Great idea! I hope you guys have a wonderful time!



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