July 21, 2010

Walking Will

Will has been good at standing for a while now. He cruises everywhere and crawls like it's no ones business. Now he has mastered climbing EVERYTHING, with his new favorite- the kitchen table. Yippee, another thing to constantly worry about. I really think he will inherit his daddy's ability to break bones by being a bit overly rambunctious, but I hope that's not the case.

Every time I tried to help him learn to walk by standing him a few feet in front of me, he just falls down and laughs hysterically. Really, it's been a fun game for us. We would do that for a long time (you know, 20 minutes is forever in baby time).

So up until today walking is no major priority because he can get where ever he wants. Today though was a different story. The little mister is about to start walking. Tonight for the first time he started walking. Not just 1 step, but 2, 3, sometimes 4. If he didn't think falling was so funny he may have gone even more. And thanks to a little help from my bestie Candace, he really started getting the hang of it!

My little rambunctious guy is getting so big. I am such a proud mama today.

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  1. I am go jealous and so happy at the same time. I love my boy Will so very much. Watching this made me a very proud aunt.

  2. I think we are raising the same child. Walking has taken a backseat to climbing. But he's finally realized he can get places EVEN FASTER if he puts one foot in front of the other.


  3. It is SO exciting when they start to walk! Go Rambunctious Will!

  4. You must be quite proud!
    Happy walking Will.

  5. Wow! Go Will! I love it when they start walking. It's the cutest thing ever.

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