July 13, 2010

Way Back Wednesday- Halloween

I am again joining some awesome ladies in their blog hop- Way Back Wednesday.  This weeks topic is Halloween.  I don't really live close enough to my parents to run over and grab some photos to scan (actually to 2 hours away).  So I will give you ladies what I got.

This is Andy and I, our first Halloween together, 2001.  We were so young and in love.  We had only been dating a few weeks really.  I was a gypsy, a costume I sewed myself.  It was a cute hot pink, midriff showing little thing, but it was fun.  (I kept it for years hoping to again wear it, then I had kids and that thought went out the window.)  He thought he was clever and came as Keanu Reeves or some other guy.  Some friends and I threw a party at my parents house which ended up a little out of control and Andy was my hero and made everyone straighten up or get out.  It was a great halloween, because it was our first together.

So I loved Halloween as a kid, but it is so much better now as a mother. Emily was just about 3 months old her first Halloween.  We dressed her up and took her around my brothers neighborhood while the other kids trick or treated.  She was so sweet in her little pumpkin outfit. 

Her second Halloween she was Snow White.  We again were at my brothers trick or treating with my niece and nephew.  My nephew Max was Mario (as in Mario and Luigi).  He had this little mustache painted on his face and Em was so scared of him all night long.  So she cried and cried until he washed his face.  Not so much fun that year. 

This year was the best.  She was old enough to be excited about trick or treating.  She ran up to every house and said "trick-treat please".  Then once she got her candy she would say her thank you's and run off to show us her loot.  Since we had Will we decided to do a themed Halloween and so she was Dorothy and he was the Cowardly Lion.  They were adorable. 


  1. Such cute pics - love that lion costume!

  2. Those are so cute! I love the lion and Dorothy!

  3. I love the costumes! I love how she was afraid of her cousin all night too funny! It is so much fun watching them get excited now isn't it. This year we are going to coach our boy on picking out the good candy LOL

  4. The Cowardly Lion is just adorable and so is the little pumpkin, how cute!
    It certainly looks as if a great time was had by all, lovely keepsake photos, cheers!

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  6. aww love all these costumes, the gypsy one looks hot from what I can see of it lol

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