July 15, 2010

Mommy and Me Outing

I hate to spread the news of this activity.  Once I do, I know things will be more crowded, I will have to fight you all for seats, but in the good name of my blog, I have to spread the word.

Regal Cinema Groups, which includes Edwards Cinemas, offers free movies!  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 10 am they show a family friendly movie, not a new release but still a fun movie theater adventure!  We are headed out there this morning with some of our besties Erin and Isabelle.  It's a mystery what movie you will get until your there, but worth the gamble right?

We saw "Doogar" a movie from 2006.  It was weird but the kids had fun.  It was a fun experience for the girls for a great price-free.  Can't wait to see whats on next week!


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