August 24, 2010

Diamonds are a girls best friend!- Giveaway!!!

I begged my mom for a long time to get my ears pierced. I was only 7 when I finally won her over and got my first set of earrings. I thought I was awesome! I have never regretted that decision. When I was 19 I got a second hole. I love having earrings!

Although I may not wear them constantly anymore, I do love to wear diamonds when I dress up and go out with the husband. So when I heard about the website,, I thought it was a great concept! Shopping for diamond earrings made simple.

They sent me an amazing pair to try out and review, and although they weren’t real diamonds, they look amazing on and I can barely tell they aren’t diamonds. I can tell their product will be of great quality.

Lucky for you all I also have another set to give away! 

Mandatory: Leave one comment telling me about when you first got your ears pierced.

Extra Entries:
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Comments will be open until Midnight Thursday and I will choose a winner on Friday August 27.

Good Luck!


  1. I was 6 when i got my ears pierced. My dad took me to Claire's in the Modesto mall and I was so excited! I picked out the ones I wanted and as she started doing it, I was terrified. Holding daddy's hand I cried and couldn't wait for it to be over. After it was over, I looked in the mirror and loved what I saw! I was finally a "big girl" for doing this and I got extra treats that day which added to the excitement!!

  2. I'm already a follower, hope that counts! LOL

  3. Just visited!

  4. I got my ears pierced, for the first time, when I was five. I don't remember the experience, sadly. I got a second hole in each ear when I was 18. It's funny that I brought my mom with me at that time too.

  5. I follow you on Twitter and retweeted the give away.

  6. I follow you on Google Friend Connect.

  7. I have visited They have a large selection.

  8. your newest follower from bloggy moms. would *love* a follow back. happy blogging.

  9. Hey Carrie! Thanks for stopping by our blog today and commenting!

    I too had to BEG my Mom to let me...she wanted me to quit biting my fingernails first (I didn't). Finally, when I was about 13, my Grandmother had sent me a coral pair of pierced-earrings and so then Mom relented! Oh, and I did eventually quit biting my nails when hubby said he'd buy me an engagement ring...okay!

  10. Am already following you on Twitter! : )

  11. When I was 3 I apparently told my mom that I wanted my ears pierced. When she took me to get them pierced I demanded that she do it first so that I could see if it hurt or not. :) So, that's how my mom and I both got our ears pierced.

  12. Just checked out!



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