August 5, 2010

Emily is 3

We had a great birthday for our little Miss yesterday.  It is so weird to think she is 3 already, the years are flying by.  It was so fun making a special day for her though.

We started off the day with a living room full of balloons.  I really wanted them in her bedroom but she was having a rough night of nightmares that night and I didn't want to scare her even more.  So she woke up and came out to a colorful display of balloons.  She thought it was so fun.

After everyone was awake, we called Mickey Mouse.  Disney has a number to call Mickey so he can wish you happy birthday.  So we called (Mickey and Minnie are her favorite) and she talked to Mickey.  Really she was so excited all she could manage was "Hi Mickey".  It was cute though.

We took her and her friends out to dinner in the evening.  We had a great dinner out, and it just happened to be kids eat free day!  What a great coincidence.  The kids had a great time and Emily finally got excited that it was her birthday.

When we got home from dinner, we had her present sitting in the middle of the living room so it was the first thing she saw when she walked in.  She looked at it and got so excited!  "MY BIKE" she yelled!  Really its a scooter, but she uses both names for it.  So she rode around and played with her friends.  She loved her helmet too, she wouldn't take it off all night.

Then we had cake, and I was so blown away at how she has learned just what to do with birthday candles this year.  Last year at her birthday she still didn't get it and Andy and I had to blow them out for her.  This year though she waited for us to sing and blew them out all by herself.  She was so happy.


  1. Love the picture of her with the helmet and glasses with the cake, that's a keeper.

  2. I love the pictures! She is too cute! What a fun birthday! I had no idea Disney had a number to call like that. How fun!

  3. She is super cuteness.



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