August 15, 2010

Emily's Birthday Sleepover

This year instead of having a big party with everyone here we just let her have a little sleepover with a friend.  The girls were so excited and had so much fun.  They dressed up fancy and had a tea party with little sandwiches and fruit.  They were so polite with each other.  It's as though dressing up makes them better behaved.

They played cards and dolls for a while after that and had so much fun together.

Without any boys around, it was the perfect time for a princess movie also, so they watched Princess and the Frog while they ate Pretty in Pink cupcakes and pink and white animal cookies. 

The girls loved all the girlishness and had a blast!  They slept great though it took a while for the giggling to mellow out.  But that is the best part of a sleep over, giggling in the dark.

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