August 9, 2010

Health Topic Day- Helpful hints

When your child needs to go to the hospital, it's a scary time for us parents. But it is even scarier for our kids. So here is a list of things to have on hand should your wee ones ever need to stay in the hospital.

Lovey- you know, that one thing they carry around the house, sleep with, and cuddle up to. It's a bear, a blankie, or a toy, their favorite thing I'm the world (other than you of course). It will help soothe them in a time of stress.

Pillows- hospitals are notorious for pillow shortages, and besides they are plastic and uncomfortable anyway. You would be doing yourself a favor by bringing a pillow for you and your child.

Things to do- although pediatric units have play rooms and lots of toys, it may not keep your kiddo happy for long.  Bring some crafts to do or games they love to play.  Even a DVD player with their favorite DVD players would be great.  So many hours in one room can be near torture for little kids, so make the time easier by constantly switching your activities. 

Pretend- Bring a pretend doctor kit and have your child examine the nurses and doctors.  It will help break the ice and ease the fear.  Doctors and nurses are happy to oblige and love to play along.  You can also have their stuffed animal be the patient.  The hospital staff will gladly give you supplies to start pretend IV's, bandage pretend broken legs etc.  This will help your child understand a little better and get better acquainted with hospital equipment. 

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  1. Make sure your pillows are covered in brightly colored and patterned cases, so that they won't be taken by the hospital staff and thrown in their laundry.

    I also suggest a present for the sick child...and a present for the child(ren) still at home. My youngest was born with kidney issues. We always had her exchange presents with her sister at each hospital stay. It was a special treat and kept us all connected.



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