August 2, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday- Bugs!

Today is another Mommy and Me Monday, the day of the week where I take a few hours to spend special time and give extra attention to the kids as we explore the town around us and find all kinds of things to do.  This week we went to the bug museum- Insect Lore.  Although I am not one for bugs, I thought the kids might like it.  It really shows what a mom will do for her kids out of love!

I thought Insect Lore wasn't as much a museum as it was a store featuring live bugs.  This small one room facility was lined with displays of live and not-so live bugs of all shapes and sizes.  The entire center of the room was merchandise.  I guess they have to make money somehow.

My little miss had fun playing with the display merchandise and I somehow managed to leave without anything.  Whew!  Dodged a bullet there!  She has always been a bit afraid of lady bugs (weird right?! I don't get it either) but went up to the glass case that was holding a swarm of lady bugs.  She gave it a long look and then got the heebie geebies thinking they were crawling on her, took a step back and started shaking her arms as if she was shaking them all off her.  That was the end of looking at the bugs for us, she wouldn't step near the displays again.

Sadly I wouldn't recommend the trip out there, as the drive there and back is longer than the time needed to spend in the store, um I mean museum.  But for little bug lovers it may be more fun.  Give it a try. 

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