August 3, 2010

Overly Spoiled Girl

Does anyone else spoil their daughters more just because shes a girl and girl things are so cute?! I sometimes feel like a bad mom because I'm not overly equal with my purchases.  I will be honest and face the facts, I buy Emily way more things. 

Poor Will and all his boyishness.  That little Y chromosome gave him the short end of the stick when it comes to cute clothes, toys and accesories.  Although boy clothes have come a long way in cuteness, it just doesn't compare to the girls clothes. 

I justify to myself that Will is so young and doesn't care about these things, but really, I did it for her when she was his age.  For example, Emily had the cutest pair of sunglasses, before she was one.  They matched her bathing suit, but she wore them all the time.  She looked awesome and it was good for her eyes right?!  Well I don't know if they were protective glasses really but thats not exactly the point.  Here Will is over one and I have yet to buy him a pair of sunglasses, because it's not like he needs them right?  See what I did there- totally justified it.  I gotta stop that.  I really doubt he will leave them on his face really, but I haven't yet tried. 

Will did get a cute birthday shirt to wear for his birthday, but I will admit, I didn't even buy it, and I wonder if I would have gotten him anything that specific.  For Emily however I picked out her shirt before his birthday and even got a matching birthday bow for her hair.  Really, to top it all off I was going to make her a tutu to complete the outfit.  Adorable. 

So after all this, I wonder...  Am I a bad mom or is this all just normal for a mom with a older daughter.  He deffinitly is not loved less, kissed less, hugged less or held less.  It all material.  Unimportant in the long run.  The attention we give our kids matters more than the clothes we buy, and the accessories to go with them.  Love is the best present we can give our kids and thankfully I have that in abundance.


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