August 17, 2010


Will is now getting quite stubborn and the older he gets the more he understands how to get what he wants.  He is now getting into the tantrum stage.  Yikes!  That make two kids throwing tantrums, which also means it's quiet .  Tantrums are frustrating for parents and can also be quite embarrassing.  It is the worst feeling to be in the middle of a store with a child screaming away while you try your best to diffuse the situation among peoples judgmental stares.  Although I have been here before with the queen of tantrums herself, Emily, it's always different with another child.  They react differently to discipline and so require different tactics.  This got me thinking about ways to tame tantrums.  Here are the best ways I found to tame tantrums:

1.  Find your child's tantrum triggers.  This could be kids throwing tantrums at the store- maybe its because they are hungry or tired.  For Will it is Emily taking his toys but he is also tired so his reaction is overstated and it becomes a tantrum.  When you understand your kids triggers you can work around them somewhat.  Take a snack with you to the store or go after naps.

2. Try to distract them before the tantrum gets out of control. My friend Erin always avoided big meltdowns with Izzy by acting ridiculously silly and making Iz laugh.  Erin is the best at acting silly in public without being embarrassed.  I really look up to her in that aspect.  So she will start singing, dancing and being silly, making Iz laugh and totally forget what made her mad in the first place.

3.  Ignore your screaming kiddo and just go about your business.  Although it might not help immediately, ignoring tantrums might decrease them all together in the long run.  They will eventually realize that theirirritating screaming isn't getting them their way, they just might stop.  Maybe, just maybe it may work.  If you can ignore it, you are a great woman.

4.  Offer your strong willed one some choices.  This worked for Em often because she always wanted something but would have a hard time communicating what she wanted.  This way I could give her options and could keep the tantrums to a minimum.  The only problem was that she sometimes didn't care about my two options, she had her own idea altogether.

Dont forget this time in your kids life is short lived.  They will grow out of the major meltdowns and learn to better communicate their wants and needs. 

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  1. Good Advice friend! We are headed to the tantrum stage too! I found that when Tyler is throwing himself on the ground kicking and screaming, its best if I just walk away and ignore him. Then he looks around like "hey nobody is watching me throw a fit!" lol I try not to laugh but it is hilarious!



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