September 15, 2010

SITS Day 3- The Bare Toddler

This is yet another day to follow the promts from SITS.  I am desperately hoping to win a washer dryer (Thelma and Louis) from SITS, Westar, Standards of Excellence appliances and Florida Builder Appliances, so I am following their blogging prompts this week which I actually am enjoying.

Todays Prompt it a post with a title that you liked.  This post was from May 2, 2010.  Emily was going through her naked stage, stipping canstantly throughout the day.  I was constantly chasing her around the house trying to clothe her.

The weather here has been wonderful today.  The sun is shinning and there is a cool gentle breeze.  We have been enjoying a great day outside in the sun.  I decided to get my bathing suit on, lay out and get a tan while I read this months Parenting magazine. So as I laid out the blanket on the grass Emily runs inside and strips down naked. She then runs outside and lays down next to me so proud of herself and happy that she is without her clothes. However cute I think her little naked tush is, I think, at almost 3 she is beyond the point of running around naked.

Modesty is a strange lesson to teach. I don't want her to be embarrassed of her body but I don't want her to be unaware of the need to cover up. She loves to be undressed and even has a 'naked dance' as we call it. She sings "naked, naked, naked" while sticking her bare little tush out and shaking it. It really is adorable.

When do toddlers need to cover up? Is nudity okay in the house so long as its not in public? Where do we draw the line?

As I do some research on the subject though, it seems nudity is just another behavioral milestone. Nudity gives a 2 or 3 year old a sense of control. So maybe her love for naked time is okay at home at certain times. But I think even in our backyard we should wear a bathing suit to run through the sprinklers.


  1. That is so daughter thinks she can go topless...her older brother do, so why can't she!! She is also 3 and as soon as we are home, off comes the shirt...I am hoping the cooler weather will deter this less then favorable habit!!

  2. That is so funny! Right now my 21 month old is constantly taking his diaper off and throwing it in the garbage LOL. I hear the garbage can open and I know I will find him naked from the waist down. I feel the same way I don't want to make a huge deal about it, but when he is not potty trained it can be bad LOL!



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