October 4, 2010

The Baby Diner

I was recently sent this amazing item called the Baby Diner.  Will, now almost 15 months, has been working on his fork skills.  The problem being, he throws the plate or dumps it in his lap rather than eat.  So it has been hard to just give him the plate.  So we were just sticking to giving him one piece of food at a time, which means I end up spending more time feeding him, still, than myself.  I was searching for some freedom from the constant hovering during mealtimes and found the Baby Diner

This is a double sided suction cup contraption that not only sticks to the plate but also to the high chair or table.  It is so simple to use and so effective.  Will has been enjoying having a full plate of food in front of him and I have been enjoying the freedom.  He has attempted to disassemble the plate from the suction cups but it was really hard for him so he has given up now that he got used to it. 

When the meal is over it is so simple.  The suction cup portion requires no washing.  I love when people make it simple.  All moms could use some simplicity. 

So now Will can get his fork practice in, I have less mess to clean, and we are all so happy, Thanks to the Baby Diner!

If you have a kiddo that needs some help keeping the plate on the table, check out the Baby Diner!  They have been so great to offer 50% off for Tips and Tales readers.  Please head on over to check out their web site- http://www.babydiner.net/ or find them on twitter @babydiner or on facebook here.  You will love this product and it will change your meal time times with your toddlers forever!


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