October 5, 2010

Sad State of our Library

As a constant book buyer I have yet to get a library card in Kern County.  I know that sounds bad, but even worse is that I just made my first visit to the library here.  Yes, 7 years of residence here and I made my first visit.  I have to say, I was so sadly disappointed by the books and the staff there in the library. 

First off the children's section is boring and plain.  There is no cute reading area, not even a clear distinction between adult and children's books.  There is nothing to get the kids excited about reading.  The books are dirty, ripped and in sad shape.  Clearly they are no replaced often or maybe at all. 

I wandered around looking for some books for Emily to take home and it was only a sweet little child maybe 7 years old that showed me where to go.  She was so sweet and even picked out some books for her to read. 

As I went up to the checkout desk to get my library card, I was then turned away.  I don't have my current address on my drivers licence.  Do people not realize. the DMV does not issue a new license every time you move!  And most people don't carry a utility bill everywhere they go.  So there is no way they were going to allow me to check out a book.
Our library system is definitely in need of help.

There really is only one way to help things like this.  Donate, donate, donate.  Here is where you can buy them books off amazon or give some money.  Please consider giving your local library something.



  1. You are so right Carrie...it is sad 8( I hope you can raise awareness in your community to help it! We have "Friends of the Library" committee here in my town and we try to raise money to better the library...used book sales, raffles etc. It is one of the "last free resources". I sure hope yours improves. I am a new follower...Melis

  2. Carrie, so sorry your library is in that bad of shape. Maybe there is something you can do to heighten the awareness of the status of it? We have a "friends of the library" committee here in our town to raise money for books etc...maybe it's something you can start? I am a new follower..Melis



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