October 10, 2010

Library Continued

Earlier this week I visited our local library for the first time.  I was disappointed and talked about it here.  Yesterday I was unusually sent to work on the adult floor where I cared for patients about 50 years older than my usual clientele.  As I got to know my talkative group of patents I found one who is a plays an important role within the "Friends of the Library" system.  I was so excited to find that out and we had a great conversation about how the money raised get put into the library.  I did talk about what I thought about the children's section in the branch closest to me.  She was excited to hear what I thought and said she would be able to have it talked about in the next meeting and she was hopeful they would be able to work on it. 

They are having a used book sale this next week, starting on Wednesday and going through Saturday.  All the proceeds will be put directly back into the library, and just maybe, into the children's area at the Southwest branch.

1 comment:

  1. I am glad you got to talk to someone about the children's books.



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