October 12, 2010

My Shy Girl is Blossoming into a Social Butterfly

My little Em was a really shy girl.  She was getting sent out of her Sunday school class because she was so freaked out.  That's when I knew I had to help her along.  We started being far more active and social.  I signed her up for dance class, made sure we went to church every Sunday (even if they were going to kick her out), we signed up for MOPS so she would be around other kids and I could show her by example how to socialize, and started going to Story time on a more regular basis. 

It took a few weeks of crying when I dropped her off at dance, hiding under the table in Sunday school, and sitting on my lap at story time, but 6 weeks later she has changed.  She has become so social on easy going around others.  When I take her to church we don't even get a goodbye before she runs into the class, at story time she is sitting with the other kids singing and listening, and at dance class she is dancing! 

It is not even just those area's that her social skills have changed.  Yesterday at her eye doctor's appointment, she walked up to another girl and said hi!  She was never the initiator before.  She has been more loving to others besides me: grandparents, daddy, cousins, and other friends all have noticed how she is more accepting of their help and even showing off all her new dance skills. 
This was a struggle to get her here, but I will reveal my tips tomorrow!


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