October 18, 2010

Little Monkey met the wall...

There is a few things a mom never really want to see.  Bleeding heads is definitely on my list.  Last night, that is exactly what I saw.  My little monkey man was climbing all over the furniture, as usual, and fell off the coffee table hitting the wall and some plugs that were plugged into the socket.  He screamed and cried but I didn't know how bad it was as I rushed to pick him up and hold him.  But as I hugged and comforted him, I saw a drop of blood land on my hand.  Panic set in as I assessed him for the source. 

It was the back of his little head that was bleeding, a little half inch gash.  I rushed him off to the urgent care where he quickly received his first set of staples.  Throughout this ordeal, Will was such a trooper.  He had stopped crying soon after I cleaned off his head.  He was happy throughout the time in the Urgent care, except for a few short minutes when they actually stapled.  As we waited, he even kept trying to climb on everything in the waiting room, including the coffee tables.  He walked out of there with a smile on his face and a lolly pop in hand.  Thankfully there are no other negative signs of trauma, and after a full nights sleep he is doing great.  

I have a feeling this is not our last trip, he is going to be trouble, just like his daddy...

1 comment:

  1. So sad, tell Will his Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin are praying for him and love him very much.



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