October 21, 2010

Best Cities for Babies!

I was just flipping through my latest issue of Parents magazine and stumbled upon the article, The 10 Best Cities for Babies.  I love these articles, but I don't think anyone would ever really move just to have kids there.  I think its just bragging rights.  So as I look through the list there was not 1 city from California.  Sad but looking through the top 100, I think we have a good amount of cities in the top 100. 

Bakersfield, I am SO proud to say is on the list.  #98!  I love that we made the list, because I love raising my kids here.  There are a lot of people who would think I was crazy for moving here from Orange County, but I love this place.  Bakersfield does have so much to offer for young families.  There is a long list of places for story-times, plenty of places for play dates and lots of educational opportunities.  We have a great mom network, people always willing to support you through parenting.  Life here is a little slower and more family centered. 

Check out the top 10 here and the top 100 here!  How does your city stack up?


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