October 25, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday- Halloween Crafts!

Here is our spider army!
We are heading into Halloween week this week and we can't be more excited about Halloween here.  So today we worked on our first Halloween activity of the week.  Creepy little spiders!

This was a super easy little craft, perfect for the Preschooler age.  All you need are some scissors, black puffs, black pipe cleaners, and hot glue.  We are using these little creepy crawlers to decorate the house and hang out on our fake spider webs. 

This is all you need!
Cut the pipe cleaners in half and stack 3 like this.

Add some hot glue and stick that little body on!

Fold the legs up a bit and make it stand up.
Adding the body was Em's job!
She loved it!
They stick into the webs just by putting them there!  So easy!

They are ALMOST cute!

She thought adding them to the webs was so much fun!

But still creepy!
We decorated the outside too for the Trick or Treaters!
Quite a web!

And one just above the doorbell!


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