October 23, 2010

My germy week

I have been having a trying week this week resulting in my struggling to blog about anything.  My kids are really sick and my husband is off hunting, so I am home with the sick kids without his help and support.  It's really a struggle sometimes when he is gone away at the fire station for days at time, but for some reason him being out of state makes this harder. 

Will has Hand Foot Mouth disease, which is about what it sounds like, sores on the hands, feet and in mouth.  I have no idea where he picked this up.  He is not in day care, preschool, or really around many kids often.  But my best guess is when we took him to the urgent care to get staples in his head last week.  So he has been struggling to eat, sleep, and drink.  I have been spending all my time trying to keep them seperate and keeping the house as clean as possible.  This is a highly contagious viral infection, but since Will is not even swallowing his drool it was difficult to keep everything clean.  Emily seems to be following Will's footsteps and getting a fever and sore throat.  I can't tell for sure if it is the same illness because she won't let me see her mouth.  She has been laying in my bed, sleeping and watching movies for two days now. 

We are secluded to our house for at least another few days, as we don't want to spread our germs.  I am not very good at being home for that long.  We normally leave the house everyday, so I think I will be going crazy by then. 

My house though has not been this clean in a long time.  My cousin Sam and I have wiped down every surface of the house at least 4 times a day for the last two days, as well as done all the laundry and washed the car seats.  There is always a way to look at the bright side- we may be sick and stuck at home but we are getting lots of cuddle time in and I have a really clean house. 

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  1. Sorry to hear that..hope the kiddies will feel better soon, and you'll be outdoors again.



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