November 9, 2010

Dentist Time!

I was so blessed to have some awesome parents that cared for my teeth, made sure I brushed often, and took me to the dentist regularly.  Thankfully. I have taken their lessons on throughout the rest of my life and now am treating my children's teeth well.  So today we had another round of kid dental appointments, Emily 5th time and Will's first trip to the dentist.

I think the kids have the best dentist in town, Dr. Sturz.  He is just the sweetest man to the kids and is so fun to talk to.  Emily is now sitting in the dental chair alone and does a great job.  Will is now 1 and just started his dental care.  A lot of mom's don't know that dentists like to start following kids so early.  But there are so many great reasons to start your kids dental care then; flouride is started to be painted on at 1 and the dentist can find small imperfections in the teeth that can lead to a cavity later on. 

Love your kids teeth now and they will thank you later!


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