November 12, 2010

On vacation!

We gave finally gotten to use our motorhome! This was our first trip and we made it a good one! We are here in Williams Arizona to take a ride on the Polar express train! The kids are going to love it! The train ride is tomorrow, but today we visited the Grand Canyon. More on that later!

Traveling in an RV with kids has been a bit tricky but so fun. We had their car seats hooked up to keep them safe and stable. They slept well in it the past couple nights. Will is still in a crib at home so to simulate a crib we have him on the dining table bed with a bed rail. It works great and fits perfect. It gives him the boundaries that he needs. Emily has had so much fun this trip so far because we are with her best friends.

We are so lucky to have the greatest friends to travel with. We are going to have the best vacations with them throughout the years.

Pictures of the Grand Canyon coming soon!

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Location:Williams,United States


  1. This looks like so much fun. I wonder if JDaniel would sleep on a table?



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