November 18, 2010

The Polar Express!

Last week our trip to Arizona was centered around a train ride with the kids.  We planned the trip just for this amazing ride on The Polar Express! 

The Grand Canyon Railway has a seasonal night ride in the train that will take them all the way to the North Pole (in an hour) where they get to meet Santa and recieve the first gift of Christmas (the bell of course!) and sing, drink hot chocolate, and eat cookies (baked especially for them by Mrs. Claus).  This was such a fun Christmas event.  It really got us in the Christmas spirit and the kids loved it! 

We of course read the book tons of times to the kids ahead of time, watched the movie constantly, and talked it up big time!  If you haven't read this story to your children yet, it's a great book!
Our ride was so similar to the book and movie it was amazing.  The conductor came by carrying his lantern and said "Hi" to everyone.  Little Alyssa noticed that he wasn't stamping tickets and asked him if he wanted to see her ticket so he took it and stamped it like crazy.  She was so proud of her ticket after that! 

There was also people dressed in chefs clothing serving the hot chocolate and cookies just like in the book!  We wore our pajamas (matching of course) and were so cozy!

We had such a great time, we all decided we will do it again next year, and the next year too!  Here is our trip in pictures!

We met Mrs. Claus in the train station!

The train is coming!

The North Pole!

There's Santa!

Em was so excited she was telling him about something pointing all over!


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