November 17, 2010

Prematurity Awareness Day!

As a pediatric nurse I see the continued affects of prematurity all the time.  The chronic lung issues, the RSV, and even sometimes cerebral palsy.  But it never really effected me as greatly until someone I love went through having a premature baby. 

My best friend gave birth to little Nico at 27 weeks.  He was so small and fragile.  For so many weeks Candice went into the NICU to visit everyday, hoping to take him home soon.  He did great thanks to the love and care of a great mommy who used lots of kangaroo care to speed things along.  He had a great staff at the hospital that cared for him while Candice was away taking care of her little Alyssa.  Thankfully he is now a sweet and perfect little 3 year old, here to be one of my daughters best friends.

Since he was born, Candice and her family have been so passionate about helping with the March of Dimes.  They participate in the walks every year as well as host fundraisers throughout the year.  This year they are the ambassador family here in Bakersfield.  I am so proud that they took this event in their life and are trying so hard to make it better for others. 

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing Nico's story and for being part of the Fight for Preemies! As a nurse you know the oft times devastating effects of prematurity. We need to raise awareness and all of the posts for Prematurity Awareness Day are doing just that.



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