February 6, 2011

Surf City Run

The Surf City Half Marathon was today in Huntington Beach, CA. We were running among 20,000 athletes. It was a busy but fun coarse. This was my second half marathon here and I did manage to pass my personal record but was still disappointed with my time. My husband and cousin and I finished in 3 hours 15 minutes. They were both so amazing to stick with me throughout the race. My knees have been sore and my left knee very swollen. So I started the race not sure I could even finish. Throughout my training I was hoping for 2:50.

As we passed the 9 mile mark my knees became pretty painful and we were forced to walk out a good amount of the last of the race. The last half mile was awesome running through the cheering crowd. It can be such a high running through those crowds. It was fun spending time with friends and family throughout the race and after in the beer garden.

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