March 1, 2011

My little grown up lady

One of Em's iPhone Barbie's
My Barbie girl
The last few weeks Emily has been growing up fast.  She has catapulted her self straight into the Barbie years, singing Katy Perry's Fireworks as she plays, taunting her emotional and flabbergasted mom (me) as I sit mouth agape at all the new things she loves.  We are no longer satisfied with Playhouse Disney or Disney Junior or whatever they want to be called.  We have moved on, unwillingly on my part, to begging for Hannah Montana (not a chance there!), Barbie movies (not again!) or Phineas and Ferb (Um yes please!).  Music is now a must in the car as long (as its fun girl music, mom)!  It's only Taylor Swift, no Rascal Flatts.

*Big heavy sigh*

Why must they grow up so ridiculously fast.  She is only 3 going on 14.  Slow down little lady, I can't keep up!


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