March 9, 2010

Taking care

As I sat in the dentist office with my mouth open and the sound of the drill filled the office I had a harsh realization.  I need to work a little harder to take care of myself.  I think it is a part of being a mom, we sacrifice everything for our kids.  They always come first in our mind.  So throughout the day we make little sacrifices of ourselves to make sure we spend enough time with our kids and keep them healthy and happy.  It can be a great thing that we do that.  Its humbling and makes us great mom's.  Giving of ourselves helps us remeber that the world doesn't revolve around us and we are here for greater reasons.  But where is the line that we give too much.  How many new mothers have we heard complain they haven't showered or even brushed their teeth?  We mothers also must take our time.  For me, I have sacrificed a little time here and there that I would have spent taking care of myself, which is fine as long as it doesn't result in 4 cavities.  So here I pledge to work harder at flossing, because even though the kids are screaming and unhappy, my teeth are important.  Somewhere the line has to be drawn, and I am drawing it at drills and pain. 

1 comment:

  1. I am happy that you finally got to the dentist. I hope you aren't in pain anymore! Feel better. We do have to take time for ourselves once in awhile. We teach our children great things by doing that! :)



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