April 1, 2010

Messy Girl

As an infant Emily had sensitive skin.  So, as a result, we had Desitin of every kind around the house in excess.  It was a staple in our diaper bag.  She always wanted to play with the tube of Desitin and would crawl straight over to the diaper bag and dig it out at every chance she had.  At five months old I caught this picture of Emily where I thought she should have been the spokes-baby for Desitin (had the tube been turned around of course).  At two and a half, very little has changed.  Although she has no need for the Desitin it still remains a staple in our house because of her little brother.  The other day after giving the kids a bath they were playing together in Will's room while I was getting some evening chores done.  It got quiet, you know that quiet that only comes when the kids are up to no good. As I walked down the hall to see what my wacky kids were up to I could smell the oh so familiar smell of the Desitin cream and found my just bathed Emily covered head to toe in Desitin- the thickest one of course.  Over time as our kids grow and become bigger, they still remain somewhat the same.  She will always be a mischievous mess maker.  Although I get frustrated at always having to bath her and re-bath her, I am so happy she is exactly who she is.  I am going to be happy to chase her around and clean up after my little messy girl.


  1. Aww that she is so little in that pic! Too cute! Its funny though because it totally reminds me of when Gianna was around Emily's age!! She did the same thing! Hope it was easy to clean up!!

    (Ok so I found my blog post about G and her diaper rash cream story:

  2. haha! That is so funny, that's what Em looked like too! They are so the same!



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