April 26, 2010

Mommy and Me Mondays

Today I will start a new segment on my blog!  Every Monday will be Mommy and Me Mondays!  Here in Bakersfield there are very little fun and educational outings to offer our toddlers.  So we become uninspired with our outings bouncing from story time to story time (I do love our story time though).  With a little creativity and research though we can create more fun with once a week outings!

Sadly though today I could not get out due to another fever (I know, I know another fever!).  This time it was Will.  So next week I will start my first Mommy and Me Monday outing at The Kern County Museum.  There will be lots of pictures and a review to go along with it!  For my Bakersfield Mommy friends: feel free to come out and join our Mommy and Me group!

This week though, I will tell you a great Mommy and Me Monday idea, one I have already done a few times.  Color Me Mine has a Mommy and Me special for Mondays: kids studio fee is free and half off for mommy's.  Color Me Mine is a paint your own pottery place.  You can paint things like frames, mugs, plates, or tea sets.  They have so many options the hard part is choosing what to do.  The staff is so helpful and they don't get too mad when your kids break the display (I know this by experience sadly, as Emily broke 3 display items in one visit).  Emily and her bestie Isabelle love to go paint there.  They love that they are allowed to be so messy (it cleans up easily) and love the finished product!  And since Color Me Mine is in the Marketplace you can hang out by the fountain afterward while your kids run in circles, play by the water and get themselves all tired out for nap time!  You can also take it all home with you for a party like we did before. 


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