July 17, 2010

Dress Up Organization Finished!

I have been struggling with this mess of dress up for a few weeks.  Most of it has recently been given to us by people who love us.  Emily and her friends are very into dress up, and that is their favorite activity now at our house.  Since we were given this lovely pile, I haven't had time to do anything with it.  So this is embarrassing to show... please be kind...

I know, it's such a mess.  I can't even find her regular shoes anymore.  So this weekend I decided it was time to tackle this mess.  I needed organization and neatness.  She needed her shoes. 

So after a long debate in my head, asking others advise, and scouring through the internet for options, Andy and I headed out to Lowe's in search for the answer to this dilemma.  What we ended up with is a 9 cube shelf.  So I pulled all the stuff off the floor and out into the play room. 

She wanted to be in the picture too...
It is a lot.  The pile is almost as big as she is!  

So I built the cube, added a few boxes and sorted out all the dress up.  Dresses, accessories, hats, wands, wings, wigs and shoes.  The dresses were folded into 4 boxes, the last box was for wigs and accessories.  Shoes took up the shelves.  The hats and ears fit nicely into a cute hat box we already had- which will sit on the top with the wings and wands.  It turned out nice, neat, and organized.  Just like I wanted.  
I still can't believe it all fit!

It all fits so perfectly.  Emily is so happy about it, she went straight for her dress up this morning, put on her snow white dress and even matched to shoes!


  1. Would you come help me with my garage?

  2. Well done! I love jobs like this - doesn't it feel so much better once you're finished? It looks terrific!

    Kate @ This Mom Loves

  3. Great minds think alike! :) Or we just talk too much! LOL!

  4. Wow, good job! I am seriously going to have to do some organizing myself. My boys playroom is a disaster zone! I like the cube in the closet great idea.

  5. That looks awesome. Great job.



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