July 16, 2010

What are people thinking??

I just had to share this story...

Since Emily was a baby, she was really difficult in restaurants, so we pretty much stopped going out to eat as a family unless it was for a reason.  Tonight we decided we should all take a night off and go out for dinner- just the 4 of us.  So we headed out to CPK and we going to have some pizza. 

We sat on the patio (despite the 103 temps outside) with the fans and misters running.  It was perfect because we were the only ones out there.  As soon as we got our appetizer, another family sat at the table next to us.  A whole patio... and they voluntarily sit... right.next.to.us.  Whatever.  Except, a few minutes later we notice the little 4ish year old girl was dry heaving into a bag.  GREAT.  The parents didn't even seem concerned!  WHAT?!

Then we get our dinner and a few bites into it she vomits.  Everywhere.  I was looking that direction at the time and couldn't even keep my mouth shut as I say (rather loudly) "Oh MY Gosh!".  The dad gives my this look like what are you looking at.  They clean her up.  And stay.  Not only do they stay, they tell her she's fine now and should eat some pizza.  WHAT?!  Then they said "well, good thing we sat on the patio".  Umm, no you say "too bad we didn't just cook for once in our life"  Geez.

At this point I'm so grossed out I can't eat.  But I'm also so pissed.  I wanted to yell at them- "What are you thinking?"  Why on earth would anyone take a sick kid to a restaurant.  Especially when they clearly knew she was sick already as they brought her a barf bag.  Seriously- what is wrong with people?

Now I know I'm a nurse and this stuff shouldn't bother me, but vomit is my weak point.  It grosses me out so bad.  I couldn't stay there with them eating so close to me.  We couldn't even finish our food.  We just grabbed it and left.  They didn't even apologize. Hello!  I have two young kids- like I need your kids cooties all over their eating area.  YUCK!

Lesson Learned- stay home when your kids are sick.  It's disgusting!


  1. Sick kid aside, don't you hate it when people sit rightnexttoyou when there is plenty of space farther away? That right there would be enough to make me leave, or at least change seats. Ugh.

  2. Excuse me, I think I'm gonna.......



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