July 19, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday- Fire Station Tour

It was about time to switch up the focus and do something boyish for the boys in our group.  So this week was all about Nico and Will.  

Since I have a few "in's" with the fire department (aka my hubby and his friends), we set up for a play date at one of the local fire stations.  We started out with a great lunch ahead of time at Mimi's.  Mimi's has such a great kids menu.  They offer so many great options for their little customers and even follow it up with a fun desert- worms and dirt.  I think it is one of the more kids friendly restaurants in town.  We were the loudest table in the entire place though- with 5 loud kids and 3 mom's trying to have an adult conversation on top of their noise.  I would highly recommend Mimi's for a place to go with kids though.

After lunch we headed over to the fire station were the kids got to look up close at the fire truck.  They sat in the back seat and tried the headphones on and talked to each other. It was so sweet looking watching them look at each other in amazement while they heard each others voices from the ear phones.  Then they sat in the drivers seat and played with the steering wheel.  Each of them loved this part.  Even Emily who has been around fire trucks her entire life was in awe.  Nico found the horn button and kept honking the horn, he loved all the loud noises. I think we made Nico a future fire fighter today.  

Fire stations are available for any Mommy and Me day, not just for those of us with family connections.  The stations are public buildings!  Although they are closed when they are out, you can go and ask to have a tour anytime.  Just call your local station in advance and ask to set up a time you can go.  They are busy guys too, so don't overstay your welcome, 20 minutes really is plenty of time to check out the engine.  The firefighters are all so nice and may even give your kids some Jr. Firefighter stickers for you little ones. 

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  1. Great idea Carrie. I never would have thought of this as an option.



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