July 20, 2010

Emily's Own "Do"

Emily took some scissors to her beautiful hair today, and gave her self her first "Emily do".  Here is about how it happened:

I have been sewing so all my sewing stuff is out on the table, scissors included.  My back was turned and she took the opportunity so swipe them and hide around the corner.  I came around to find her in a pile of her own hair.  I was about to be supper pissed  and she looks up at me and says:

"Look Mommy, I fixed it!  I'm SO pretty!"

I said, "Yes sweets, you are so pretty, but I liked your hair the way it was".

I was sad, as I scooped up all her precious little locks, and as she watched she said,

"Why so sad Mommy?"

"Oh, I just am sad you cut you hair."

"But Mommy, It's so pretty.  Don't be sad."

How can you be mad at that?  I don't know, I'm still here scratching my head wondering what else I should have said.  Maybe something about not using scissors?!

So here is her new look, although I'm sure it's only dramatic to me, but see what you can tell.  The top two pictures are her after hair mutilation, the bottom two are earlier this morning.  Her hair is already messy, I'm trying to grow her bangs out so I guess now is the best time for this to happen.
Couldn't tell?  Try this:
I know, maybe I'm dramatic, but its so sad!  Note to self: hide the scissors better!


  1. LOL, I couldn't be mad either if my little one responded like that! Too cute! It doesn't look so bad, maybe you could get the front of her hair layered to fix it? Good thing you caught her before she cut more off! I have a friend who chopped off all the hair on one side of her head before she got caught LOL!

  2. MY DAUGHTER was 3 years old when she decided she wanted to look just like her daddy. Daddy had just returned from a deployment to Iraq for a year. She took the scissors while Daddy was watching TV and mom was having her first bath alone in a year, went under the kitchen table, and gave herself a choppy buzz cut on one side of her head. I was devastated. It took a year to grow it to an appropriate length and style. :*(

  3. Thanks for making me feel better, I was lucky to catch it when I did!

  4. Awe...I agree, what could you say to that!! She is a beautiful little girl, and the cut isn't that noticeable!! But I can imagine how you must have felt when you found her!!!

    Blessings, Monica

  5. Aw, it's not too bad and it still does look pretty! Her hair is beautiful!! When I was little I took the scissors to myself my sister, the dog AND the cat before my mom noticed. I was so proud of myself but mom was not happy at all. I think little kids must have like a magnet to scissors or something. No matter how good I think I've hidden the scissors, they always find them. Luckily, I have boys with short hair so there has been no scissor hair problems yet.



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