July 16, 2010

Organization Advise?

I started organizing the kids toys yesterday again.  I needed to get rid of some baby toys that Will has grown out of and drag out the toys he does want to play with.  Emily took over the play room with all her girlie toys and had his buried in the bottom of the toy box. 

The worst of the mess is in her closet, which I plan on tackling today.  The entire bottom of her closet is filled with dress up and I am at a loss as to how to organize it.  If I hang all her dress up stuff, when she does want it she just pulls at them until the hanger breaks.  I have lost too many hangers to want to continue that.  When its in a box at the bottom though, there is so much it overflows and she pulls it out all over her floor everyday. 

I need help!  Does anyone have some great organization advise for dress up clothes?


  1. How about a low hanging bar in the closet - one she can reach easily.

  2. How about some low coat hooks in her closet? Followin' ya back from http://homemadehodgepodge.blogspot.com



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